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I already went a bit into the story behind this all in the “My Story” category. As mentioned before this was to be my last experiment before giving up and getting a transplant as so many had before me. Since I never responded to Minox, RU and didn’t get any temple regrowth from Dutasteride either it seemed unlikely I’d ever get my dead temples back. I would say I was somewhere around the NW2-NW3 region.

Here’s a shot before I started anything related to the Prostaglandin Protocol:

And two from the side as most of my progress pics were shot that way:

My Protocol needed two things which were hard to replace, a way to lower PGD2 or block its receptor, and a way to significantly increase my PGE2 expression or introduce straight external PGE2 through a vehicle. The other points I could address by other means. A groupbuy was started for Seti and straight PGE2 powder. It was relatively hard to finish and got delayed due to people dropping out and other bullshit. Funny enough when people first approached Kane after hearing of our Seti GB Kane would tell them that “Seti needs a special modified version or the stomach acid would destroy it” and that people should buy his OC instead. Which is a complete lie as is clearly visible in the Kythera documents. After we were at about 90% participation in the Seti GB Kane would suddenly announce that he now would be selling Seti anyway (and never again was a word spoken about it having to be some special version ). He first claimed to be able to get it cheaper than our price, then increased his price, and a few weeks later again increased his price to double what we had in our GB. Good old chinese cut throat tactics. And some people are actually dumb enough to fall for it.

Anyway. I was stuck without Seti and without PGE2 for a while.
So I started looking for alternatives and eventually found some. I added them as I went along, trying to replace those two missing components as best I can with a ghetto protocol. People who think this is a “kitchen sink” approach are entirely wrong and should be laughed at. You need to address 4 different points for real hair growth. Miss one base and you’re unlikely to get anything. That’s why these pessimistic idiots keep hoping for that one silver bullet, which indeed does not exist. You need the full package. Don’t like it? Too bad, that’s the way it is.

As mentioned above, I was looking for alternatives and gradually found and added them to the approach. One of the first big ones was, hilariously enough, castor oil. It contains up to 90% ricinoleic acid which activates one of the four PGE2 receptors (real PGE2 activates all four). So that was my first brick stone to lay down. I even took some Castor orally each day, but only enough to not have a laxative effect. This slightly darkened my hair over the weeks and months, and it even had somewhat of a hypertrichotic effect on my bodyhair in general. It even increased the length of my eyelashes. Crazy stuff. Eventually I added Sulfasalazine which systemically skewes the Prostaglandin H2 expression more towards the PGE2 side than the PGD2 one. It’s a very poor man’s approach to lowering PGD2 . Oh and another thing, I keep reading how some people obsess about PGF2a (Bimatoprost). Let me tell you now why that’s stupid. Real PGE2 is way stronger and it actually turns into PGF2a afterwards. So you not only get a double whammy you also get it cheaper and stronger.

So as I said, I kept adding stuff as I went along to make up for those missing pieces. After around 3-4 months after first starting the protocol I began to see some tiny first results. Funny enough due to the various internal stuff I take it even affected my frontal hairline where I didn’t use any topicals.

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    01.July.2015This was shot at the 4 month mark.

    Here you can see some tiny bits of hair sprouting, even along the hairline. The redness is from having dermarolled a day before which is another important part of the Protocol. You can see some hypertrichosis above my eyebrows, it's from the internal castor oil. You can also see how my hair darkened a bit, but it's not as extreme as shown since it's shot in a different lighting. It's a bit of a crappy pic since I was surprised to see all those hairs and shot it quickly to show it to the other guys at PHG.

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    16.July.2015This was shot two weeks later

    I further tweaked the protocol, added and removed some things. Tried to get better lighting. This one specifically marked the day when I added UVB sunburns to further increase endognous PGE2 expression. The big red mark is from that.

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    25.July.2015Another two weeks later

    Results increased enormously (but I started to get hypertrichosis) and I tried especially hard to get a good shot. I combined four different pics for this. This one really marked a milestone in that the results were now finally visible by naked eye from a normal distance. The makeshift approach paid off.

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    12.August.2015Aaaand another two weeks later

    Results kept getting better. Here I switched up my dermarolling to wednesday so I would get a non-butchered shot on the weekend for once. :)

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    04.September.2015Two weeks later

    After some minor tweaking of the protocol there was even more improvement.

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    20.September.2015Two weeks again

    Combined four shots cause I wasn't satisfied with the focus/lighting of any of them. People underestimate how hard it is to get focused, clear shots with one hand and a mirror.

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    03.October.2015Another two weeks later

    There we go another update. Didn't have a lot of time to get the shots right so I simply took one and rotated it to get it as close to the last one as possible. What happened since? I've been on Seti for about two weeks now. I've since received some Cloprostenol and started using it a few days ago. I'm also going to stop Sulfasalazine next week since I have Seti now.

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    12.November.2015A month later

    The long awaited update I guess? Damn you guys can be annoying. lol Hair looks a bit stringy/sticky/glossy cause I just applied castor oil with dmso a bit earlier, sorry for that. Anyway. I'm close to my juvenile hairline now. Just got to grow it all out. I noticed the hairs in the very front have shed a few times, but grew back thicker. While the back mostly just grew straight out. You can notice that the "regrowth" section is getting smaller as I'm holding up the hairs that would otherwise cover the area.

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To the guys claiming to not be impressed. Where are your results? To the guys claiming “it’s not possible”, how come neither RU, Dut, Minox nor anything – including those years of using different experimental treatments grew anything on those temples that have been bald for almost 9 years? Yet how come my theory set into a practical approach did? Even on a shitty makeshift approach. 

Let’s have some real talk. The majority of those chest thumping forum celebrities are nothing but empty talk. They thrive on the little attention given to them by the less educated because they have nothing else in their lives. They don’t understand half of the studies they cite, none of them ever had results outside of the good old “big 3 combo” and everyone eventually ended up with a hair transplant. And to you guys ripping off all those suffering from hairloss with overpriced products. To you guys lying to people and making money off of their problems. I sincerely hope you get ball cancer you scum of the earth.