Hi I’m swissTemples and this is my Blog where I’m going to share my hair loss findings with you.

Please use the navigation bar up top. I just created this site and will be adding more and more content and updates when I get some free time here and there. Some of the categories are missing for now so you will have to be patient. The category “My story” is more or less finished so have a look if you want to know more what this is all about. There’s a question section to the right in case you want to ask me something.

We’re all gonna make it brah.

– swiss

If you want to support my effort of keeping this blog up and running I would appreciate a small donation. I've spent several years studying, buying and ultimately experimenting with different things to come up with my findings. I will never sell you anything, not now, not ever. But I've spent quite a bit of my own money and would be happy to make up a bit of that deficit since I'm sharing all my findings with you. Thank you.


My friend hellouser who some of you already know as a veteran in this stuff has been to the hair congress this year. He brought back quite a lot of pictures and knowledge, some of it released, some of it not released yet. Several companies finally got their asses up and for once we actually have several different approaches giving better results than the beaten to death “big three”. Keep an eye on his section over here.

This section is now finished. Further changes and updates will be added when I find them. I’m also starting to work on detailed substance profile pages now.

Moved from swisstemples.blogspot.com to swisstemples.com

Blogger was too limiting for my future plans. It now uses a responsive theme and I plan to add a small wiki in the future for substance articles.

You’ve been bugging me on ask.fm about simple lists so here they are :)

Three lists containing the cheap ghetto approach, the perfect approach and one final list with possible future candidates that might fit the protocol.